Nancy Duncan, Au.D.
Doctor of Audiology
Duncan Hearing Healthcare

I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle Pelletier of Jefferson Realty since 2003.  We began working together when I was considering opening my own practice.  I initially called her regarding a space that turned out to be much too large for my needs.  She took the time to find out what my needs were and found something more suitable for me and my budget.

I again worked with Michelle in 2008; at that time my business had grown tremendously and my original space was no longer suitable.  She showed me space in the Sagamore Mill Building which at that time was under construction and unfinished.  She explained her vision for the building and I trusted her advice and judgment.  I could not be any happier with the outcome; we have a beautiful office space in a fantastic building.  In fact many of my patients used to work in this building when it was a functioning mill and have commented on how wonderful the entryway of the building is and can’t believe the amazing transformation that has taken place on this mill.

Whether I am working with Michelle in a professional capacity or working together on one of her many volunteer projects, she has always been professional, helpful, kind and courteous.  Her vision for her buildings and my office far exceeded anything I imagined for myself.

Erin O’Leary, MD

Our business became a tenant of Jefferson Realty in early 2011. Prior to that time, we worked closely with Michelle Pelletier, her architectural and contracting colleagues to plan and orchestrate the build-out of a full service laboratory. A laboratory requires many highly regulated functions, including sophisticated ventilation and plumbing projects to protect our staff, as well as the environment. The Jefferson Realty team worked efficiently to have our laboratory and business suite completed ahead of schedule. As physicians who have worked in laboratories for years, we have never occupied a more professional, healthy and pleasant facility. We are pleased to be tenants and neighbors in this beautifully renovated Fall River mill.